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Four Core Strategies

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.   Henry Ford

We use four core strategies to help us reach our goal of keeping children and their families safe, engaged, and thriving.

Family-Centered Practice

We help children by building respectful, honest, and compassionate relationships with the adults in their lives – because no matter what they have been through, all families can thrive.

Neighborhood Networks

We work in specific neighborhoods to connect families and neighbors to each other, to resources, and to opportunities to engage in improving their community.

Shared Decision Making

We all have needs and we all have something to offer. CPPC partners create solutions together that would not be possible alone – leading to better results for families and communities.

Policy & Practice Change

We look at how families experience systems and try to make those systems more helpful. Together, we notice where different decisions might affect families and children in more positive ways.

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