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You know your family best.

CPPC partners know that no two families are alike, each has its own struggles, needs, strengths, and goals.  We place families at the center of our work by helping a family create a plan and rallying resources to help solve their complex problem.  We place a priority on respecting and honoring each family’s culture and making sure they are lead decision-makers in the process.  In our work with service systems, we strive to ensure that resources are community-based and accessible to all families.

Family experience is our greatest consideration when assessing how we do our work.

We all have needs, and we all have something to offer.

CPPC partners believe that the way to achieve community change is to embrace the idea that we all have something valuable to offer and at times, we all have needs.  No one person, provider or program has all the answers or can be available all the time. It is up to us all, as community members, to take care of each other and know that it is ok to ask for help when needed. We are stronger and able to respond more effectively when we have more people sharing their strengths.

We make better decisions together.

Challenges facing families and communities are complex. There are often many voices offering solutions, each with its own perspective. CPPC partners believe that hearing different perspectives, and working together to develop solutions, leads to better outcomes for families and communities.  A coordinated effort of many resources can bring about real change for families. By working together, family members, service providers, and community support craft solutions that would not be possible alone.

The CPPC network thrives off the diverse experiences and perspectives of all partners.

We can improve systems to work better for families.

Many service systems exist in our communities for the purpose of helping children and families stay safe and supported.  Oftentimes, it can feel to families like these systems are not very helpful. We believe that understanding how families experience these systems is key. CPPC partners pay close attention to how families experience systems and work as a partnership to improve what is not working for families.

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